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Can Gernot Rohr deliver on the targets in his contract?

But how far can Rohr take us? He has already taken us far in the Fifa rankings, he has already ensured that Nigerian flag flew at a world cup. He has already restored us back to our customary position in the biannual Afcon which is 3rd place.

So what else do we want?

That much is clear. We want to not only qualify for another world cup but to reach the quarter finals. We are no longer contented with our customary 3rd place in Afcon, we want the ultimate…. Hmmm

How is Rohr feeling right now. Has he got broad enough shoulders for these responsibilities?

“We are going to warn him [Rohr] to a great standard of responsibility, a greater depth in our football and a greater level of success.

In that contract, there are points that if he does not meet the desired standard, we can terminate his contract. So we are not stuck with him. He has an opportunity to prove himself.” said Sports Minister Sunday Dare in stern language.

They say ‘heavy is the head that wears the crown’.

So I ask again, how far can Rohr take us? If someone had said we would qualify for the last World Cup with the relative ease that we did, I would not have believed them.

But the landscape is a bit different and the stakes much higher. Plus, I don’t think things are as rosy between him and his employers now as they were in 2017.

But the German has had time. He has the knowledge. He is building a team and he seems very determined, he seems very focused and resilient.

The next 2 and a half years will be very interesting indeed.

Many (local and foreign coaches) are called but few are chosen. Will Rohr be the chosen one? time will tell.

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