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Another Defeat Looming For The Super Falcons Against Japan Next Week?

As Japan unveiled their squad for the high profile pre world cup friendly against Nigeria next week, Waldrum's ladies are still seeking their first win against a team ahead of them in the Fifa rankings.

Another Super Eagles or Super Falcons match, another defeat looming!

I am so sorry to sound downbeat but it seems far more likely for hens and cocks to grow teeth than for the Super Eagles or Super Falcons to overcome daunting obstacles these day.

But a leopard never changes his spots so the spots of patriotism that keep making us follow these Papa Eagles and Mama Falcons will never leave our bodies.We will still be here come rain or sunshine but the flood is quite relentless these days with no umbrella of possibilities abound from Peseiro’s Super Eagles or Waldrum’s Super Falcons.

Both coaches talk the talk but their players rarely walking it!I have my date in the diary for next week’s match. Isha Allah we will be here to witness another spirited performance and the inevitable “my girls played well but the referee and VAR were wicked!”

It seems Nigeria is the only team on the planet that suffers from alleged improper conduct from match officials these days.

  • the referee against Tunisia was wicked.– VAR against Morroco was evil.–

-the linesman against Algeria was the son of the devil.–

-away goals rule was the devil in disguise.

Bla blah blah blah blah! Like I never heard that b4!

Na only Una?

We have become a body of fans of moaners.

Moan! Moan! Moan is all we do while our rivals are smiling home with their hard won victories and tournament participations.

Do your job effectively and the rest will take care of itself. In boxing, the ruthless pugilist effectively takes the decision away from the judge’s hands by knocking out his or her opponents cold.

It is that knockout blow that the Super Eagles and Super Falcons have lacked recently.Will we see a turning around against Japan next week? A surely hope so, it is long overdue.

But I definitely will not be holding my breath!

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