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Where is the next career destination for Victor Moses?

It has always been on the cards and now it has happened: Victor Moses has reportedly been forced to formally informed by Frank Lampard that his future lies away from Stamford Bridge.

After announcing his international resignation in 2018 after the World Cup in Russia - a decision that hit many Super Eagles fans like a rock owing to how highly valued he is - Victor Moses has had a fair few struggles in club football ultimately culminating in this announcement by Chelsea to cut him loose.

Whilst some fans would bizarrely wish to link the former Wigan man's struggles to his premature resignation from the Super Eagles, in reality Victor Moses has a few highs but in truth far larger lows in club football since 2012 that he signed for Chelsea.


Arguably, Victor Moses won his spurs under Antonio Conte when in August 2016, he played his first league game in 3 years for Chelsea en route to becoming a permanent fixture in the Italian's starting 11 having adapted seemlessy to his 3-4-3 formation as a wing back. This was a arguably Victor Moses most exciting top flight football moment to date.

Loan moves to Stoke City, West Ham and Fenerbahce were also mildy successful whilst his career is again enjoying a renaissance under the same Antonio Conte in Inter Milan.


Throughout his career, Victor Moses has always struggled to convinced club coaches that he is sharp enough to push for a place as a high quality winger whilst his defencive skills lack the depth needed to compete with the truly world class right full backs.

So, he is always sort of in-between which is why he tends to thrive largely under Conte who uses him as a cross-breed between a winger and a full back (wingback). As 3-4-3 formation is not always widely used, Victor Moses core skills aren't in hot demand by the truly top coaches of top clubs.

Under Brendan Rodgers in Liverpool in the 2013/14 season, Moses struggled badly for meaningful game time, starting only 9 of the 22 games that he featured. In what was initially hailed as quality loan signing, Victor Moses struggled to distinguish himself as a reputable winger at Anfield. He was promptly shown the door after just one season.

What next?

Victor Moses has skills no doubt. He is highly experienced and very mature in his play. Never say never but I doubt that his services will be sought after by the Manchester Cities or Real Madrids of this world.

But, there is enough in his arsenal to feature for modest clubs like Inter Milan, Brighton or Galastasaray. Having said that, football's capacity to suprise is immutable.

So, we can only wait and see how things pan out for a player may yet suprise many with his next career move. After all, who ever thought Ighalo would presently be having the time of his life in Manchester United at present!

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