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Super Falcons Players Are Very Happy With Thier Fitness Coach Ahead of Canada Clash

Is Kyle's Quigley Addition Inspirational?

Despite the administrative turmoil that has cast a long shadow on the Super Falcons' preparations for this tournament, one thing appears undeniable: the Nigerians ladies are in good shape and in good spirit.

Looking at the various videos of their training sessions released by the NFF since they arrived in Australia, buttered up by their recent morale boosting 8:1 win against a local club, the Super Falcons are really stepping up their preparations.

One person at the heart of this is the latest addition to the team, Fitness Coach Kyle Quigley.

"Kyle has come in with a lot of new ideas" said marvelous midfielder Toni Payne after their 8:1 demolition job of local club Queensland Lions. "His ideas have been really great for us and has helped us to prepare for the world cup with the right fitness; his training regime is really good." She concluded on a video shared by the NFF.

Toni believes the team is moving in the right direction in terms of shaping up for their first match. "We are growing and improving our system every day with every training. Step by step, we are getting ready for our first game against Canada.” She said.

To be honest, I was really blown away by Kyle's enthusiasm in being part of the Super Falcons management team. In a video I watched on the NFF's verified Twitter handle, he talked with passion about his desire to work with the players in achieving measurable results.

Only yesterday, Quigley - a UEFA A Coach - wrote on his Twitter handle: "FIFA women’s World Cup Australia, so far, what an experience. I am loving the whole opportunity of coaching with the super falcons."

The spirit in the camp appears to be buoyant and optimistic with the players not seeing themselves as second fiddle to any opposition in the group.

It makes it more fascinating looking forward to their first group game next Friday.

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