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Super Falcons Are Tipped To Be A Kick In The Teeth of Opponents in the World Cup

Super Falcons Get Vote of Confidence 

Ahead of their first game of the 2023 Women’s World Cup in less than two weeks' time, our dearly beloved Super Falcons have been described as a hard-nosed formidable outfit despite their highly publicized administrative bottlenecks bubbling in the background. 

"Nigeria are going to be unpredictable to play against", said former Australian Woman Footballer-turned-Pundit Catherine Cannuli on the Keep Up Australia podcast. 

I was delighted to hear a foreign observer talk about our Falcons in a manner rarely posited at home or abroad. 

As I listened further, Catherine went on to say: "I think they are going to be tough. You know with Nigeria, they are going to come out, they are going to be athletic, they are going to be fiery, and they are going to press you." 

In fairness to Randy Waldrum, he did qualify Nigeria for this World Cup in the hardest way possible. 

In having to overcome the meanest, baddest and most ruthless  African femme fatales in Ivory Coast, noisy neighbors Ghana and irrepressible Cameroon to qualify for this tournament, it is hard to make a case for labeling him with the sobriquet "Super Falcons Worst Ever Coach." 

It's like Gareth Southgate being pelted with putrid omelette after overcoming Germany, France and Italy to snatch a solo world cup ticket for the Three Lions.

And Catherine Cannuli captured some of the attributes that Waldrum employed to overcome Nigeria's foes on the continent when she added: "Nigeria are going to be on the front foot all the time in this tournament. No one can go into that group thinking they can easily extract three points out of the Super Falcons." She concluded. 

I have been on vigil on the NFF's twitter handle to see whether there are fresh videos of the team's training sessions ; so far nothing but I think all is well on the training front. I am banking on Personal Trainer Kyle Quigley to weave his magic. 

Our first match against Canada is fast approaching, I can hardly wait. 

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