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Semi Ajayi: lightening struck twice

It is the worst kept secret in football that Super Eagles defender Semi Ajayi will be playing in the English Premer League next season after his contributions helped mastermind his West Brom team to 2nd position in the English Championship thereby gaining automatic promotion.

Interestingly, do you know that in the 2018/2019 Championship season, the same Semi Ajayi got relegated to league one with Rotherham Utd at the home ground of West Brom. The match ended 2-1 with the Super Eagles man starting in midfield. West Brom subsequently signed him and another campaign began: the 2019/2020 Championship season.

Yesterday, on this same West Brom pitch where he got relegated last season, he secured promotion to the EPL. Same pitch, relegated to EFL league one last season; same pitch promoted to the EPL this season - how weird is that?

Football is beautiful and full of twists.

For Semi it is a case of thunder striking twice but moving him to opposite directions.

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