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Randy Waldrum's Woeful Results With Falcons Continues

Randy Waldrum continues to sink the Super Falcons to new lows. As much as I always try to look for the slightest ray of light in a dense dark wilderness,it is impossible to milk out any meaningful positives from the Falcons' performances under Waldrum of late (some fans will say he has never been good enough).

In an interview last week, the American gaffer tried to put a positive spin on things by claiming that the Super Falcons have lost recently against solid oppositions. Solid oppositions like Zambia, South Africa, Mexico or Morroco I ask.

In the game yesterday against Columbia, the Super Falcons lacked any semblance of imagination up front, in the midfield they were flat and in defence they were disjointed.

Their build up play was always riddled with wayward passes whilst world class goalkeeping from Nnadozie helped maintain a sort of respectability in the scoreline.

In watching any football team play, you are able to decipher their coach's philosophy. More recently, what I can see from the Super Falcons' brand of football under Waldrum is a rudimentary approach that is easily dispelled and dismantled by any half decent opposition.

Yesterday, Onumanu was woefully isolated upfront whilst passes to the wingers from midfield were either easily cut off or overcooked. The Falcons were agricultural with their pattern and they hardly subject their oppositions to sustained pressure.

Watching the Super Falcons under Waldrum has become an attack on the eyes. Time and time again the team have had to depend on Chiamaka Nnadozie to soften the blow of defeat and yesterday was no different.

Nnadozie is world class.

In fact a vast majority of the current crop of Super Falcons are decent, talented and supremely fit players. They are just coached by someone who appears to be way out of his depth.

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