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Randy Waldrum Asks NFF: 'Where Is The $960,000 Fifa Gave Nigeria For World Cup Preparations?'

In the video below, Randy Waldrum opens the lid on his issues with the NFF.

The points he raised are the following:

1) Lack of accountability of the NFF to Nigerians unlike how other Football Federations are accountable to the populace they serve.

2) Reasons why some Nigeria Internationals are not keen to represent the country (because of how badly they are allegedly treated by the NFF vis a vis how they are treated by their clubs).

3) How players like Oparanozie and Oluehi were excommunicated from the national team for standing up for the rights of the players.

4) How the NFF retaliated by banning Waldrum’s World Cup winning assistant Lauren Gregg from World Cup camp because he refused to include an untested homebased goalkeeper in his squad.

5) Waldrum questions NFF’s transparency over alleged $960,000 FIFA fund disbursed to the Federation to prepare for the tournament, more so as the three week camping period he was promised in Nigeria never materialied.

5) How the Super Falcons players demonstrated by not training at all for the 3rd place playoff against Zambia in last

year’s Afcon due to unpaid emoluments.

6) How atrocious logistics are being managed and how poorly several friendly matches (like the one against Japan last year) were planned.

Watching the interview got me really dejected.

For the sake of balance, it is important to point out that the NFF (to be best of my knowledge) are yet to respond to Waldrum’s allegations and observations. I eagerly await their response.

7) Additional, Waldrum claims that FIFA allows the participating teams’technical staff to have up to 22 people. But, according to him, the NFF only made provision for about 11 on their staff.

He said:”If FIFA will pay bonuses for up to 22 people, why don’t we have 22 people, why don’t I have an analyst, why don’t we have scouts?”

He said he doesn’t have any scouts to send or reconnaissance missions on opposing teams or to conduct video analysis.

This is bad.

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