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Ndubuisi Egbo gunning for Champions League qualification

Ever since the exploits of Ndubuisi Egbo sneaked into my consciousness, it never ceases to amaze and excite me. Having lost their penultimate league match earlier in the week, Egbo’s Tirana consolidated their position as table toppers with a 3:0 demolition of Vllasnia yesterday to further enhance their chances of Uefa Champions League qualification. This was a team that was battling potential relegation when Mr. Egbo took over. “Tirana were in eighth position out of ten teams when I took over in December,” said the former Super Eagles goalkeeper recently. “We started winning, we have played 16 games – won fifteen and drew one.” He concluded. Now they have won 1 more game today to underscore the quite remarkable turnaround that Ndubuisi has masterminded. Nothing will make me more happier than to see a Nigerian coach in the Uefa Champions League next season – even at the very earlier stages of the competition. On that topic, Egbo said: “Regarding qualifying for the Champions League, we are taking our games one after the other, win one and continue with the others. I don’t like doing mathematical permutations, every game is like a final to our team, that’s what I told my players.”

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