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Joseph Yobo: Opportunity of a lifetime 

Joseph Yobo has been handed the opportunity of a lifetime. It is now up to him to make the best use of this chance given to him on a platter of gold.

As far as appointments go – be it in the corporate world, sports or any field of human endeavour – there will always be controversial ones to raise many an eyebrow and this one is no exception.

But that is not the point.

Joseph Yobo, 40 years old, served Nigeria with distinction with the Super Eagles and some influential stakeholders feel this is the best way to: a) reward him for his efforts and b) help him launch his coaching career.


I have been around long enough to know that this can play out in one of two ways: 1) Yobo could seize this opportunity to go on and be a decent coach or 2) We could all look back and see how Yobo messed up a golden opportunity.

Just as in his playing days, the ball is now squarely in Yobo’s court.

Hopefully, he will not treat it like the he did against France for own goal that knocked Nigeria out of the 2018 World Cup!

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