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Is it too early for Isaac Success to be recalled to the Super Eagles?

With his first kick of the ball in his first start and his first match for Udinese on Wednesday 27 October, Isaac Success struck with the venom of a striker that has much to prove.

The match, against Verona eventually ended 1:1.

Having been shown the door at Watford against his own will 2 months ago, Success was keen to show all and sundry what he still possesses.

It took just 3 minutes for him to browbeat the ball off an opposition player far outside the 18 yard box before ramming his way into the box with pace and power, break strides to set himself up with his right football before disgorging a shot straight into the net that left the goalkeeper stunned.

Rated 7/10 by a reputable statistics website, Success had 59% pass accuracy and was busy at the most lethal part of the pitch. He looked up for it and played with hunger and passion.

On the downside, the former youth international lost possession 11 times but did win around 40% of ground and aerial duels that he was involved in for his team.

This performance would have warmed the heart of Issac’s fans who believe he should be fighting for a place in the Super Eagles along with his contemporaries Iheanacho and Awoniyi. Copyright Notice © : unauthorised use of this material is strictly prohibited

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