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Is Ahmed Musa Deserving of His Afcon Slot?

World Cup Superstar Ahmed Musa is preparing to grace another Afcon installment with Nigeria, his third with his crowning glory lifting the trophy in 2013.

Some Super Eagles fans are incandescent with rage that Musa is included, stating that his best days are behind him. At the age of 31, the Turkish league bench warmer is now seen as surplus to requirements in the eyes of this body of fans.

Whay do I think?

Statistically, Ahmed Musa’s presence represents 4% of the entire squad. It baffles the mind why these fans focus on such a minuscule quantity.

Musa is just a bit-part player in the squad.

So much oxygen should not be expended on such a variable in my humble opinion.

Musa can still run, lay passes, track opponents and contribute to goal scoring efforts.

Let’s focus on other aspects of the Super Eagles preparations and just lay this miniscule Musa matter in the mausoleum.

Musa has accumulated 108 caps for Nigeria with 16 goals against his name.

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