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How should the NFF approach dual nationality players?

On the back of dual nationality players like Saka picking their country of birth /domicile ahead of Nigeria, one thing that I have been advocating for quite sometime is for the NFF to have a protocol understood by the media and Super Eagles fans for approaching dual nationality players. This protocol should be simple and all stakeholders should be kept informed at each stage of the process. This is what I suggest: 1) NFF identifies a dual nationality player. Determine whether it is worthwhile approaching the player to choose Nigeria.

2) If it is decided that the player be approached, this decision and the identity of the player should be made public to the press.

3) The NFF should fix a date to approach the player (similar to a job interview). In the meeting, the NFF should give the players the reasons to represent Nigeria and give them the opportunity to think about it.

4) A mutual date should be agreed on when the player should get back to the NFF with their decision. The public should be kept abreast of these developments.

5) If the player picks Nigeria, the the switch formalities with FIFA can commence if applicable. If they choose to turn down the offer to play for Nigeria, the NFF thanks them for their time, wish them best of luck, communicate the outcome of this effort with the media and formally close the case. This way, I think we can avoid the sort of embarrassment that the endless nationality-switch speculations of Eze and Saka generated. Copyright Notice © : unauthorised use of this material is strictly prohibited

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