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Faith in Iheanacho paying dividends

I remember many fans being surprised that I kept faith with Iheanacho when it seems everyone had written him off!

As the Under 17 World Cup winner wasted in on the bench of Leicester City, sometimes not even making match day squads, I wrote on several platforms laying a case for the young striker to bounce back as many fans wrote him off.

On the evidence of how he performed over the weekend, I guess we must now see why.

Iheanacho is a quality forward. He just needs focus, hard work, dedication and the right managers – national team and club – to bring this out in him.

Brendan Rodgers once said that Iheanacho trains like an animal. I think the former Celtic manager is the beast – a man manager beast.

After the weekend match against Everton, the former Celtic manager said on his conversation with substitute Kelechi Iheanacho: "It was just to give him the confidence to get him to do what we wanted him to. We had a shape we wanted to go to; it was giving him the confidence and reinforcing his role. The rest was him. I'm absolutely delighted for him."

The Northern Irish coach has only used just over 20 players to reach second position while allowing Iheanacho and others to train endlessly like wild animals only to let them loose at crucial moments to devour oppositions.

One goal and one assist for a player making his first match of the season after 14 games (exactly half way into the season) is just crazy

Are we seeing the rebirth of an exquisite player?

On the evidence of what was on display today, the best of Iheanacho might yet to come!

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