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Can Onuachu Carry The Centre Forward Flair If Osihmen Is Unavailable Against South Africa?

Can Onuachu Step Up To Osihmen's Plate?

This is not the news I want to hear but there's no cause for alarm.

As no more than 4 credible media outlets have reported Osihmen's unfortunate struggle with a stomach bug - which threatens to rule him out of the titanic s/final clash against South Africa on Wednesday - one has to assign much credibility to this sad news.

But the silver lining is that the Super Eagles have strikers who are more than capable to interpret the centre forward role in a manner capable of propelling Super Eagles to victory.

Think of the second-in-charge Paul Onuachu. With the sterling quality of crosses and long balls being able to be delivered by players like Simon, Aina, Onyeka, Iwobi, Lookman and Bassey, the aerial beast of Onuachu will be unleashed.

In the minutes he has played thus far, Onuachu's link up play and ability to bring others to play have been uncanny. He has won fouls for Nigeria in dangerous areas whilst using his corporeal frame to hold off tackles and help the team retain possession which adds to Nigeria's overall strategy of frustrating oppositions from the front. He is able to drop deep to effectively function as a false 9 thereby allowing Lookman and Simon time and space to wreck havoc!

Onuachu doesn't need pace for his own rendition of fulfilling the essential requirements of the centre forward role. He only needs positioning and precision which he has in spades. In fact Peseiro's 3-4-3 formation is tailor-made to unlock the killer instincts in Onuachu.

It is such a fascinating prospect to see Onuachu start for the Super Eagles in this set up.

I am wishing Osihmen speedy recovery and hope he makes the semi-final match day squad. If not,;Onuachu has what it takes to step in and make a lasting impression based on his stills, attributes and hunger.

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