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Can Frank Onyeka Threaten Wilfred Ndidi's Starting Slot In The Super Eagles?

The Leicester City defensive midfielder’s starting position for Nigeria has been immutable thus far.

But should Frank Onyeka reveal an alternative interpretation to that role in the English Premier League next season for Brentford, then he will surely knock hard on Super Eagles door in a manner threatening to Ndidi.

He already has a cap against Algeria. But at that time, many thought of Onyeka as lightweight.

In fact many concluded, rather prematurely I might add, that Frank Onyeka wasn’t Super Eagles material.

It remains to be seen how coach Thomas Frank will eventually deploy him in the English Premier League.

The initial plan though is to to employ Frank Onyeka as a number 8 center midfielder.

“Frank plays as an eight in our system, he is very good at getting from box to box and will be valuable to us when we don’t have the ball,” Said Brentford coach Thomas Frank recently.

“He has come from the Danish league and was one of the best midfield players in that league; we think he has the potential to develop further.

“All the coaches here are looking forward to working with Frank and pushing him to a higher level.” He concluded.

The Super Eagle slotted seamlessly when he came on against Manchester United in this weekend's friendly. He will be hoping to help Brentford stay afloat in the English Premier League.

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