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After Ghana Game, Is Uzoho Still Better Than Okoye?

Goalkeeper Uzoho has come out to show remorse for his part in Nigeria’s ouster from the 2022 world cup qualification.

His inability to deal with the Partey's long range effort was the blow that broke Nigeria's camel's back as it gave Ghana their prized away goal.

On social media, Uzoho wrote: "I wanted to take my nation to Qatar but rather did the opposite.

I know what football means to you all and to myself, I can’t promise not to make mistakes again but I can promise not to give up until I bring back that smile on your faces." He concluded.

Uzoho and his compatriot Okoye will definitely get better. They are both on an encouraging trajectory although Okoye is getting more game time.

What we learned against Tunisia and Ghana is that both keepers suffer from the same handicap: long range low drives that riffles through them.

If that one element can be knocked on the head, they will take their careers really far to reach for greater heights.

Okoye is obviously ahead in club football but he is yet to win the hearts and minds of a bevy of Super Eagles fans.

Uzoho was doing well with a larger platoon of fans before he too fell to the same sward that pierced Okoye fiercely against Tunisia.

Now fans at a quandary.

Those who chanted Uzoho as number one all of a sudden have omelette pelted over their faces while the ones who support Okoye secretly harbour their own concerns.

Meaning, while these two work to clear their goalkeeping cobwebs, the new Super Eagles management team have to work tirelessly to unearth fresh goalkeeping options.

Not apprentice options who will learn on the job and make costly errors in the process. No, no,no. Fully cooked, off the shelf ready made options.

I think 4 years of apprentice goalkeepers is long enough.

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