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Alex Iwobi: From Highs to Low

After a start to the season that saw Iwobi score 2 breathtaking headed goals, much was expected of the former Arsenal man in the match against Bournemouth today but he did not deliver the goods as Everton crashed to a 3:1 away defeat in the English Premier League fixture.

Rated 7.5/10 in Everton's last league encounter against Wolverhampton Wanderers on 1st September (which ended in 3:2 victory for the Toffees), Iwobi's ratings dipped in today's match to 6.7/10.

Hot in one match, cold in another: inconsistency has been the biggest bane of Iwobi's career. Should he overcome this deficiency, he has it in him to be a near-world class forward.

Rating him for today's match, Chris Beesley for wrote: "Alex Iwobi - 5

Two headed goals in his two previous games after just one in his entire Arsenal career but little impact in the opposition area on this occasion as, despite working hard, he was unable to stretch the opposition full-backs in the manner Everton would have wanted."

That does encapsulates Iwobi's performance.

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